How to get m3u playlist

Using M3U links to stream free IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) has grown popular among music and movie fans. It requires M3U playlist URLs because it lacks built-in channels like Netflix, Hotstar, and other OTT platforms. It provides the highest quality of content from Bollywood to Hollywood since M3U links allow you to access an endless number of free TV channels.

If you can find some functional M3U playlist URLs, streaming your favourite channel on IPTV is a breeze. There are several IPTV M3U links available on the internet, but you must know where to look for them. This post will show you how to create, convert, and use an M3U playlist URL in VLC to watch your favourite movie, TV show, or music.

What is an M3U Playlist URL?

In simple terms, an M3U Playlist is a text-based computer file format that represents MP3 URLs and other similar terms. It uses its finder to track free movies and music websites across the internet and gives you fast access to dozens of free music and video streaming links/channels.

A media player can get an M3U playlist file to queue audio and video files for playback. These text-based computer files contain URLs to various free online music and video streaming websites that provide free online streaming.

It’s critical to set up your IPTV playlist loader appropriately to ensure that both audio and video play in the correct order. When setting up an IPTV player, there are several things to consider, including where to place the M3U Playlist URL Free and how to convert it. It does, however, rely on the type of relationship. To enjoy hassle-free viewing of 500+ free TV stations, it is recommended to use a secure VPN for security concerns.

How to get M3U playlist

M3U means for Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator and is the file extension. The file is encoded in a non-Unicode format. The m3u8 extension indicates that the file is encoded in UTF-8.

A number of URLs for m3u are available in our repository. Some of these are mentioned here for your ease. You can get m3u playlists using the following links:

For Movies

Use the m3u playlist links below to choose the finest movies.

For Sports

Below are the links for m3u Sports playlists


Music m3u playlists

For listening to your favourite tracks, there are m3u playlists accessible.


What is the best way to convert an M3U playlist URL?

VLC is our favourite media player since it’s simple to use and has several great capabilities, such as converting M3U links to easily accessible files. Using VLC, here are several simple ways to convert an M3U Playlist URL.

  1. Copy the URL that needs to be converted.
  2. Open the VLC media player, navigate to the “media” tab in the main menu, and select “open network stream.” A new pop-up window will appear. Select the network option, then put the copied URL into this box and convert.
  3. A window will open immediately, allowing you to select the RL conversion settings and the file’s storing destination. The main item you can change in the audio and video codecs and the subtitles is the audio and video codecs. Now press the start button and wait for the process to finish.

Since its beginnings, the M3U file format has evolved and is now commonly used for live broadcasting. These files will allow you to watch your favourite TV show or listen to your favourite music. Here’s how to get it open.


IPTV allows you to watch your favourite channels for free on your smartphone. This allows you to watch live sports, TV shows, news, movies, music, and other content on any live TV station.

We’ve compiled a list of IPTV M3U Playlists where you may watch a variety of live channels for free. All you have to do now is open the downloaded file and have fun.